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About Suspicious Domain Checker

AVG Antivirus Checker, also known as Suspicious Domain Checker, is a free website malware scanner brought to you by This most needed security guard tool, can be used to scan your website for all sorts of viruses and then notify you as site owner if it is free or not from viruses.

You see, with the increased number of people visiting your website, chances of your site getting injected by some viruses is very high. These viruses can either enter your site through your PC or by evil minded people, like hackers.

So it is recommended that you scan your site regularly, just to make sure that your webpage is safe from viruses. 

How to use SEO Prime Tools Free AVG Antivirus Checker?

  1. Enter all the URLs (from 1 to 20) that you want to check in the provided text box.
  2. Click the “Submit” button. 
  3. A status is displayed in a matter of minutes telling you whether your site is infected or not.


Safeguard your login information to your server or to your CMS site. And if you hppen to be using CMS sites like Joomla, Word Press or any other CMS available out there, make sure that the username to your admin site is different from the standard username suggested by those Content Management Systems Sites.
Change the passwords of the accounts you handle, at least on a monthly basis and store it outside your pc, just to be safe.

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