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Password Generator

About Password Generator

According to Wikipedia, a random password generator is software program or hardware device that takes input from a random or pseudo-random number generator and automatically generates a password. 

Random passwords can be generated manually, using simple sources of randomness such as dice or coins, or they can be generated using a computer.

While there are many examples of "random" password generator programs available on the Internet, generating randomness can be tricky and many programs available out there, do not generate random characters in a way that ensure strong security. So we have come up with a tool that will help you choose how complex you would like it to be.

With our Password Generator Tool, you have the option to decide the complexity of it by selecting either one of the three available options, such as "Easy, Moderate and Tough". The length of the Password may range from 4 to 50 characters, so it's all up to you to decide how tough and long you would like it to be.

And if you are not sure how strong your just generated password is, you can always use our Password Strenght Checker with a copy and paste. If you are not satisfied with the complexity of your password, we recommend using our Password Encryption Utility Tool

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