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About Domain Age Checker

Domain age refers to the length of time that a domain has been registered and active.

According to online sources, there are two factors that are considered in the age of a domain name. First, is the length of time that a domain has been registered. Second, is the age of the website in regards to how long it has been active, or how long it has had crawlable content on the web. The search engines factor domain age from the time that the website is first crawled by the search engines and when the first inbound link to the website is noticed.

With the above Domain Age Checker tool, all you will need to do is to enter the domain in question in the provided box and click submit.
The result will be the Domain Name, Domain Age, Domain Created Date, Domain Updated Date and Domain Expiry Date.

Why is Domain age so important?

  • Domain age is a factor in determining Google rankings, and a part of our SEO.
  • Sites are significantly devalued for the first few months after Google first discovers them. It is extremely challenging to rank well for competitive terms in those first few months. In fact, some SEO professionals simply won’t work with brand new domains.

So if you are concidering having your own site in the near future, we believe you should get a domain as soon as you can.

One of the most essential prerequisites for setting up a successful online presence is the domain. It is what visitors will observe first when they discover your web site and what they will identify you with. It's all about brand recognition. 

Brand recognition starts with the very name of your business. The way you communicate it out to your audience could have a great impact on your success. 

In fact, many experts on the subject suggest that in order to ensure a positive brand image right from the start, it’s recommended to register your domain for at least ? few years in advance. This way, if a trust-sensitive prospect performs a WHOIS lookup on your domain online, they will see that you have serious business intentions.

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